A:part:mental tea house

A:part:mental, the Apartment, is a lovely tea house in the center of Sofia. It is in the first floor of an old building and every room follows a unique style and decoration. In some of them is like sitting in a friend’s house living room where you can select your own music from a PC in the room. Drinking and  sweets choices are very interesting with a huge tea collection and sweets made from natural ingredients without any sugar. When in Sofia, for sure worths a visit.

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Sofia Windows

Sofia is a beautiful city worth visiting for a long weekend. It offers an interesting combination of old glory dates with impressive, renovated buildings and monuments similar to central European capitals, tired buildings, reminders of the Soviet era and modern constructions. All of these in a welcome, pleasant atmosphere with many parks, nice restaurants and very interesting cafes.

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Grand Canyon

A collection of photos taken at the classic trail from South Rim down to Colorado river and then to Phantom Ranch. It was done in one day, in December 2011 and return was from exactly the same way.
The complete gallery: http://photoexplore.gr/?portfolio=grand-canyon

You can see the GPS track and some tips here: http://www.everytrail.com/view_trip.php?trip_id=1379290

Sunset from South Rim.
Sunset from South Rim.